Monday, 18 May 2015

Why C arm tables are important in the healthcare industry?

The medical furniture holds a great value in the healthcare industry. It is important that this furniture is designed according to the needs of the patients. Each dimension needs to be measured in such a way that maximum ease and comfort to the patients is provided.

The patients care is of utmost importance and it needs to be insured from the end of medical furniture manufacturers that they manufacture furniture, which provides maximum care to the patients. There is availability of different medical tables such as C arm tables, radiolucent operating tables and other types of tables.
These tables are manufactured in such a manner that patient’s different needs are taken care. Over the time, additional features have been added in tables to suit patient’s needs. Some of the features, which are added are as follows –
Free X-Y Movement – To ensure physicians are able to operate on affected part of patients in a diligent manner, X-Y movement of tables proves to be boon. The patients are not required to move frequently on the table itself because X-Y movement proves to provide an easy hand to physicians. The doctors are able to operate in a suitable manner.
Lifting Motors – The motors provide a boost to the movement of tables in X-Y direction. The uplift of tables is done in an easy manner. In latest models available, dual motors are installed, which make the movement smooth. The different models have different motors installed.
Battery Option – The battery option allows movement of tables in an accurate and efficient manner. The battery option proves to provide a boost to various types of tables. The battery options even allow heights to be as lower as it can be. The excessive low height helps patients to sit and stand in an easy manner. In case of power failure, there is even availability of battery backup option, which allows in smooth functioning of all activities.
Accessibility in Imaging – The patients need to highlight body parts for X-rays and various other tests. The sitting arrangement of patients is done in such a manner that imaging is done in an effective manner causing less of inconvenience to patients. While process of imaging is taking place, patients need to sit calmly in a single state for few minutes. The tables can be adjusted so that maximum comfort is imparted to patients.

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